Thursday, March 5, 2015

A day of love!

Hubby and I had a fun day with these lovebirds! It was my first time to do a pre nup shoot ( practice lang) and I think it all turned out great!(at least on my opinion, haha) Aubrey and Rey are set to tie the knot soon and we are all excited! I remembered the day when we were preparing for our wedding. We didn't have enough time. I realized that even a very simple celebration will require much time and effort.

On the same day, we celebrated our 2nd year anniversary!

A for Adorable! (and G forGrace)

and B for Beautiful!

And where are the boys??!!!

After a long walk @Baguio-Ayala Technohub, Camp John Hay
The Samsung Galaxy camera2 is awesome!

Video of the Day

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