Friday, December 13, 2013

Another Korean Experience!

It was 9 am when we left Tarlac city and headed to the Summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio city. I was excited and really can't miss to visit the city at least once a year. We arrived late and hungry so we went to this small Korean Restaurant along Gov Pack rd.


Being a fan of spicy food, I ordered their Ramyeon without a second thought. For 52php my craving was satisfied! Nic, who is not a spicy food fan but was really hungry, ordered for a Kimchi rice for 85php.


I wish I ordered for  a Bbq, too. :D

Try it out @ "Geney's Ramyeon House".

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Day off :
I've always been a fan of Korean foods. One of my favorites is the popular Kimchi! Since then I've been watching cooking shows through You tube and one of my favorite channels is Maangchi ( Please see videos below). I was always excited to try their dishes and today we had Bibimbap! Mixed vegies, rice, kimchi, egg, meat(choose from chicken, pork and beef). We had beef for this. I even asked for some extra chilli sauce! Yummy! We enjoyed it @ Mr. Kimbob.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

How I love the sunset!
How I wish I could give more details about this vacation. This was taken bout three years ago.Thanks to my sissy! :D

Saturday, November 23, 2013

         We decided to spend our honeymoon in this beautiful city. Vigan is one of the popular tourist spots in the Philippines. It's vintage charm is so inviting. It was also our first time exploring the place and the farthest city up north that I've been to. It is also very fascinating how they've preserved the beautiful structures around.

Another beautiful spot in Vigan is the Bantay Bell Tower. My fear of height though prevented me from going up to top part of the tower. I regret that we didn't choose to ride a kalesa as we tour around the city. It could've been more fun.

Another unplanned vacation! The first challenge was to look for a decent place to stay without spending beyond our budget. If you want to avoid the sun rays then night time is the best time for you to roam and buy some pasalubong. :) We bought Vigan Longganisa, Royal Bibingka and of course Bagnet!

Video of the Day

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