Friday, September 14, 2012

I am not a writer...

No published books not even an article but I love to write and express my thoughts.
I remember having a personal diary where I wrote my daily experiences with. I would draw hearts, flowers and the last picture I had drawn was a hot air balloon. Since then I started dreaming of riding a hot air
Do you also remember writing down your painful experiences, heartbreaks, embarrassing moments and oh your firsts - first love, first kiss,etc. My diary would also contain lyrics I have written out of my gratitude to God, happiness, pains. Some of my written stuffs were posted in Facebook account - some were copied and pasted from different websites.
There are times when you don't feel like talking or there's no one to talk to, you try to divert your attention to something else. But before you try to do something crazy why don't you sit back, grab a pen and a piece of paper,an old notebook maybe and start writing. I try to check on my Facebook account on a daily basis to see what's happening. I am always excited to see if anyone 'liked' my post or if there's an unread message on my inbox. I hear a lot of emotions, differrent thoughts, different heartbeat.

I don't write a lot. I am always lost for words no matter how eager am I to express myself.
And I'm not a writer. Are you?

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